Digital Footprint part 2

I have been playing around with several tools to increase my awareness of my digital footprint. I came across a personal digital footprint calculator. It allows you to keep track of the ever growing digital footprint overtime.  So of course I tried it out. it was simple enough to use , here are the results:


As you can see my footprint has increased over the last few days. Makes for a good topic to discuss. The number represents bytes of information I have added to my footprint.

Another tool I have known about but have never tried is Livebinders.  I have seen many notebooks but have never created one myself. So for this experience, Digifoot 12, I am going to try to get a handle on it. It is my hope that I am able to collect some great tools and interactions from peers in this project in order to share with my own students. I will share my notebook at a later date.

So tonight we meet to discuss Twitter. I have already picked up a new tool, flipping books, because the presenter shared her information through it. I am going to make a book next free minute I get. But back to twitter, I just updated my profile and I am ready to tweet. I will let you know how it goes. Back to DigiFoot12


MOOC anyone?

I have just signed up to have an online experience, a MOOC to be exact. What is that you say? It is a Massive Open Online Course. Free. You create the experience.  
First I needed to join the group Student 2.0. Student 2.0 is a network for learners to connect independently with other learners and with mentors from around the world, and to have educational experiences across cultural and geographic boundaries. So I did, currently I am waiting for approval to enter. If you are wondering about the digital world for students I encourage you to join, it is a lively group.

Next I needed to join the group, #digifoot12 this will all me access to the conversation.There is a classroom presence through Blackboard and then a host of activities to complete. The neat part is you can do all or as little as you want. You are in control of the learning and interactions. Tonight is the first session, I am excited to see how it works and more excited to be thinking of a MOOC I can facilitate. I will be tweeting as I go.

I begin my expereince tonight –

Exploring Our Digital Footprints Together: An open online course offering participants the opportunity to learn about their digital footprint and social media in an inclusive, supported and networked environment.