Google Certified Educator

GCTBadgeI have returned from Mountain View, Ca. I am now a Google Certified Educator. Wow, but really what does that mean. For starters I am now connected to a fantastic group of inspired educators, ones that are implementing change in education as I type. They are eager to utilize the tools of today and share with others. secondly it means I am connected to the Google community of tools. Hmmm, I have been using Google tools for years. I have a renewed sense of urgency to get more educators and students connected with the tools so they can share resources and knowledge like never before.  Those who make the rules in education need to come to their senses and allow collaboration at the highest levels. Finally I am almost ready to create an action plan for implementation so I can show others the great free resources Google has for education.

The two days of sharing and learning were overwhelming. I am just now, 10 das later, starting to figure out how much was actually shared. I learned that I really did not know much about Google tools. Google maps can provide so much more than directions. Google mail does a bunch of things to help get organized and searching can be done so much better if you know how. I am looking to share much of what I have learned in the next several months. The learning just does not stop… and that is how I like it.


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