In the Beginning…

Hi everyone. Today was my lucky day. I decided it was time to get organized and stop lurking. This MOOC is a topic of great interest to me. I have been teaching online at Full Sail University for just over five years. I am always eager to look for innovative ideas and thoughts to strengthen my own toolbox of ideas. I am hoping to utilize this community to help shape and redesign some of the ideas we have about education. How education should look, what should be included, how do we know someone is educated, how is one motivated to become educated, those are just a few of the questions swirling around my head everyday.  

I have looked through most of the introductory information and thrilled to see such a variety of choices and outputs. When you are working in this virtual environment it is important to appeal to the many learning styles the participating  audience might have. Providing the structure of choice in what and how to participate is appealing to me. I key word here is participate, some way some how it is imperative that you participate in the various communities in order to make the most out of your learning experience.  WIth that being said I think I will be participating in as many threads, as possible. I have set time aside for the next several weeks so that I can be in the moment with this community. I especially like how it has a global feel to it on day 1. 

I expect to see community develop in three places, first on Twitter, then on G+ Communities and then the personal blog sites for more detailed and thought provoking writing.  I am hoping to read comments from others and see videos created by others. My fear of learning will be overcome by my willingness to learn from others. If I want to expand my toolbox I need to be who I am, ask questions, and learn from the community. Although I have set time aside to be as active as possible, I realize my job might interfere at times. Sometimes my work schedule will interfere with the webinars that are already schedule but that is when I cannot give in to work pressures I have to just continue to be in the moment with this experience. 

My best teachers had a gift to engage the learner. They were people that cared about me and the other students first. They were the ones that challenged me to think beyond the text book, they challenged me to solve community problems. Yes, my worse teachers were just the opposite. I was someone on the roster that gave them a job. They did not know me and for sure I did not want to know them. 

The three R’s are most important today – relationships, relevance, and rigor. I am a lifelong learner and due to the access I have I can learn just about anything I want to on my own time. I think this concept is important and needs to drive a revolution. Educating young people needs to be delivered differently. As I proceed through this MOOC, I will be trying to put together a structure to reach students in K-12 


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