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I am going to Google Headquarters!

Several weeks ago I came across the Google Teacher Academy application through the CUE Newsletter. I thought this sounded like fun. I completed the application, many revisions until I was satisfied. Then went to work on the 1-minute video.

Hmmm how do I share my passion for education in 1 minute. Well eventually I worked it out and I was actually quite please with what I produced. But the bigger question is will the folks who review the application be pleased. I can’t worry about that… but the waiting was long.

Finally October 16th arrived, no email…no email… no email… losing hope. The day ends and well no news, but no rejection either. A friend of mind asked me if I had heard anything and I reluctantly said No. Rejected again! But at least the application process made me reflect once again on why education is important and what my greatest moments were.

Then I looked in my spam folder and guess what was waiting for me?

“You have been selected to participate in the Google Teacher Academy – Mountain View. After reviewing your application, we believe that you have the experience and passion necessary to positively impact education in your region, and we are excited to have you join us” 

Yes! I have been accepted to the Google Teacher Academy. December 5th cannot get here quick enough. This group of educators has energy that could fuel a small country. My flight has been purchased, my hotel has been confirmed, I have tweated with my roommate and created a new circle on Google +. I cannot wait to land in San Jose and take this experience to new levels. Stay tuned…